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Hacienda La Esperanza


Venture knee-deep into wetlands or walk across grasslands that disappear in the horizon. Hike your way through mangroves until reaching an estuary with crystal-clear waters or climb to the top of a karst hill and explore the remains of a 19th century sugar hacienda that flourished with thanks to the Río Grande de Mantí.

There is so much to see and do for every skill level at Hacienda La Esperanza Nature Reserve in Manatí, the biggest of its type in the northwest area of Puerto Rico.

The visitor center at La Esperanza is part of a carefully rehabilitated historical site that conserves the only sugar mill steam engine of its kind in existence, completely restored so you can see it in operation.

The old manor house at the site serves today as Para la Naturaleza’s regional headquarters, complete with its own scientific lab. Citizen Science research about birds, crustaceans, bats, coasts and archaeology are still based here. You can always take part of Citizen Science events or let a history and nature expert guide you through the ecosystems of the reserve.

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(787) 722-5834 ext. 261 / (787) 552-9515
Wednesday – Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Carr 616 km. 6.5 Bo Cantito, Manatí, PR


View events like these and more at Hacienda la Esperanza

From slavery to hope

Get deep into the coastal valley of the Río Grande de Manatí to know the restored structures of one of the most important sugar plantations of the 19th century. This area forms part of the National Register of Historic Places and its cultural legacy is connected to both the lives of slaves in this farm as well as to its steam mill, which is one of the machines that originated the industrial revolution. During this short tour we walk through the historic area of Hacienda La Esperanza and think of the cultural and historic importance of this place and of the people that gave life to it.

Discover the history and nature of Hacienda La Esperanza

In the middle of this huge coastal valley of Río Grande de Manatí existed one of the most important sugar plantations of the 19th century. Get to know its carefully restored structures that today function as the headquarters of this natural reserve and discover how its history is connected to the nature of this important river. In this tour we walk through the historic area of Hacienda La Esperanza to know the history of its structures and then we take a ride through different areas of the reserve to observe the components of the landscape, the vegetation and wildlife of this place.

Sun, shade and sea

Go in and out of coastal forests through trails that will lead you to discovering beaches free of human intervention at Hacienda La Esperanza. Go along with an expert in the nature of these coastal ecosystems and get to know firsthand the different beach types present in this nature reserve andthe processes that still shape them. Learn about the native and migrant birds that inhabit or that visit the area together with its flora and fauna. It’s different trip to the beach, in completely natural surroundings. Give it a try!