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Hundreds of individuals and organizations have already contributed to the Para la Naturaleza Community Fund. If you believe that a sustainable Puerto Rico is possible.


Our Visitor Centers have turned into distribution hubs to channel critical aid to affected communities across Puerto Rico. Following is a partial list of the areas we have been supporting through the Para la Naturaleza Community Fund.

- La Perla, San Juan
- Barrio Venezuela
- Cupey Alto
- Buen Consejo
- Caño Martin Peña
- La Robleda
- Bairoa
- Cauce (Iglesia Bautista de Río Piedras), San Juan
- Venus Gardens, San Juan
- Ciudad Universitaria, San Juan
- Caimito, San Juan
- Alto del Cabro, San Juan
- Barriada Figueroa, San Juan
- Puerta de Tierra, San Juan
- San Patricio, Guaynabo
- Iglesia Misionera El Rebaño del Señor, Bayamón
- Minillas, Bayamón
- Los Panes, Caguas
- El Rabanal, Cidra
- Helechal, Barranquitas
- El Portón, Barranquitas
- Honduras, Barranquitas
- Tres Caminos, Barranquitas
- El Pueblo, Barranquitas
- Honduras, Barranquitas
- Palo Hincado, Barranquitas
- La Torre, Barranquitas
- Cerro alto y Lirios, Naranjito
- Casa Juana Colón, Comerío
- El Verde, Comerío
- Dos Pinos, Comerío

- La Junca, Comerío
- Prieta, Comerío
- El Higuero, Comerío
- El Cielito, Comerío
- Pueblo Indio, Loíza
- Jájome, Cayey

- Marín Alto, Patillas
- Esperanza, Vieques
- Monte Carmelo, Vieques
- Villa Esperanza, Vieques
- Culebra
- El Guano, Yabucoa
- El Nuevo, Camino Nuevo, Yabucoa
- Punta Santiago (Parcelas nuevas y Parcelas viejas), Humacao
- Punta Santiago, Humacao
- Las Croabas, Fajardo
- Puerto Real, Fajardo
- Croabas, Fajardo
- Matuya Bajo, Maunabo
Parcelas Fortuna, Luquillo
- Sabana, Luquillo
- Río Abajo, Ceiba

- Marueño, Ponce
- Corral Viejo, Ponce
- Vallas Torres, Ponce
- Guaraguao, Ponce
- Santas Pascuas, Ponce
- Guaraguao, Ponce
- Marueño, Ponce
- San Andrés, Ponce

- Vallas Torres, Ponce
- Marueño, Ponce
- Vallas Torres, Ponce
- Las Magas, Guayanilla
- Los Hornos, Lajas
- Pozuelo, Guayama
- Río Cañas, Juana Díaz
- Toa Vaca, Villalba

- La Esperanza, Manatí
- Cantito–Parcelas Las Luisa, Manatí
- Sector Shangai, Manatí
- Sector La Mona, Manatí
- Pellejas, Adjuntas
- Foreman, Adjuntas
- Vaga, Ciales
- Cialito, Ciales
- Toro Negro, Ciales
- Vaga, Ciales
- La Línea, Ciales
- Collores, Orocovis
- Matrulla, Orocovis
- Barrio Saltos, Orocovis
- La Charca, Florida
- Sector La Ceiba, Florida
- Sector Los Mudos, Mavilla, Corozal
- Arenas, Caonilla Abajo, Mameyes, Utuado
- Caonilla, Utuado
- Río Abajo, Utuado
- Tetuán, Utuado


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Para la Naturaleza is a nonprofit organization that integrates society into the conservation of its natural ecosystems. Its goal is to ensure the percentage of protected lands in Puerto Rico is 33% by the year 2033. It provides transformative experiences in nature that inspire and motivate each person and community to take concrete actions for its protection, like donating time, money or land. Besides organizing volunteer and educational events, along with fundraising campaigns, Para la Naturaleza also manages 60 natural areas and welcomes the public in visitor centers throughout Puerto Rico, throughout Puerto Rico, such as Hacienda Buena Vista in Ponce, Hacienda La Esperanza in Manatí, and Cabezas de San Juan in Fajardo, among others.