Land Acquisition

Preserving 33% by 2033

The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico (CTPR) began as a traditional land trust, with the basic mission of protecting sensitive ecological lands from the destruction of the rapid development and construction frenzy that occurred during the 1950s and 1960s.

Since then, and with the growing climate crisis, the need to safeguard precious land and it natural resources are more important than ever before. At Para la Naturaleza, we envision a Puerto Rico in which at least 33% of its lands – compared to the current 16% – are conserved in perpetuity, where well-managed water resources are abundant, and opportunities for local food production are plenty. 

Today, Para la Naturaleza manages over 35,500 acres of land in 65 natural protected areas that has been secured through conservation easements, scenic easements and acquisitions. These results were achieved thanks to various efforts made by committed private citizens and public partnerships. Our goal is to continue to collaborate in protecting natural spaces and respecting the resources of the land.  

We invite you to protect precious land today, to be enjoyed tomorrow by supporting this project with a gift to Para la Naturaleza.

Support land acquisition in Puerto Rico.