Outdoor Trails

Exploring for renewal

Puerto Rico has experienced several traumatic events over the last few years including debilitating hurricanes, a financial crisis, a global pandemic and unnerving earthquakes. Para la Naturaleza’s programming and natural protected areas have always served as a destination to reconnect with nature and as an opportunity to find relief from extreme and everyday stresses.

To further support the need to access nature as a form of mental, physical and emotional health, Para la Naturaleza created self-guided trails in five of our natural protected areas thanks to generous donors to the Solidarity Fund. Our outdoor trails project seeks to develop vital connections between protected areas, rivers, and other natural resources by way of pedestrian trails and greenways. They are also concentrated in diverse areas including urban and rural communities, all of which have limited access to outdoor opportunities, activities, and facilities.

The development of future proposed trails requires the engagement and support of private and public landowners, as well as natural resource managers alike. Trail designing, building, and maintenance activities involve an actively engaged and committed partnership leading towards conservation and stewardship. Trails are a critical element in the creation of wildlife corridors that further promote ecosystem integration.  

We envision a trail system that will permit users to experience and engage with coral reefs, marine meadows, two bioluminescent bays, sandy beaches, rocky shores, mangroves, herbaceous wetlands, creeks, rivers, and waterfalls.  

We invite you to provide accessible outdoor trails with a donation to Para la Naturaleza.

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