Congratulations! Liron Gertsman (age 12!) submits 100 millionth eBird record

The observation was a American Robin

Just before 6:00pm Pacific time on 8 August 2012, Liron Gertsman of Vancouver, British Columbia, submitted the 100 millionth observation to eBird. It was of an American Robin; one of 24 species that Liron saw at the Maplewood Conservation Area that day. The director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, John Fitzpatrick said, “This is a true milestone in the history of field ornithology and citizen science. The power of so much data is only just beginning to be recognized around the world. I look forward to the time when even 100,000,000 observations seems like a quaint number! With eBird taking off so spectacularly now, that day is not so far off, and we are starting to discover some amazing new patterns about the natural world thanks to all these thousands of volunteer observers.”