Donate Land

Para la Naturaleza

Donating your land under the Puerto Rico Conservation Easement Law is another tool at your disposal to help us reach our common goal of protecting 33% of our land by 2033. When you donate land under this law, you transfer ownership to the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico so it can protect your land in perpetuity. At the same time, you become entitled to transferable tax credits amounting to 50% of the value of your land before making your donation.

How can you donate lands or create a conservation easement?

We understand relationships between people and their land. Because of this, Para la Naturaleza offers a personalized service to anyone interested in protecting his or her land and in obtaining their transferable tax credits.

Conservation easement and donation proposals are individually received and evaluated. We provide all the information and guidance you’ll need throughout the process, which usually includes ecological assessments, property enquiries and thorough guidance so you can protect your land.

Talk to us right now! Call (787) 722-5834, x253 or x268 and ask away! We’ll tell everything you need to know about conservation easements of land donations.

Or you can also write directly to our team members:

The Conservation Trust of P.R. is a private, non-profit organization, with tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) and Section 509(a)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, and under Section 1101 of the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code.