Educational Modules

Didactic and programmatic content used in our exclusive workshops

These are the didactic and programmatic content used in our exclusive workshops for educators and environmental or community leaders. They usually have both theoretical and practical field components and are offered free of charge in the visitor centers of the natural areas we protect, usually along two full days of work. The modules prepare participants to take an active role for conservation in their schools and communities. Some of the educational modules that have been offered or that are currently in the making concentrate on topics like: the Puerto Rican Crested Toad, the Puerto Rican Parrot and the ecosystems of natural protected areas.

Dear friends

Para la Naturaleza
is active in responding
to the country's emergency,

the passing of Hurricane Fiona through the Puerto Rico archipelago. We have focused our main efforts on supporting affected communities and supporting agroecological practices.

You can also contribute to the recovery of the agroecological communities and farmers of Puerto Rico! For more information, visit:

In these difficult times, we want everyone to be well, safe and secure.

In solidarity,

Para la Naturaleza

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