From risk to opportunity: reducing the risk of disasters the natural way

Human and economic losses from hazards such as floods and hurricanes are increasing

Healthy ecosystems and sound environmental management can go a long way in protecting people from disasters. But this fact is not yet widely appreciated among the many parties responsible for reducing the risk of disasters and responding to them once they happen.

The task of IUCN experts gathering in Geneva this week is to showcase the evidence that conserving biodiversity and improving the way we manage ecosystems such as forests, river basins and wetlands can boost human security and sustainability.

IUCN’s delegation will be talking to government agencies, insurance companies, humanitarian aid organizations, civil society agencies and many others at the Fourth Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction that starts today.

Human and economic losses from hazards such as floods, landslides and hurricanes are increasing at an unprecedented rate/intensity with environmental destruction and climate change as the main causes.

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