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Hacienda Buena Vista


Come up to the mountains and follow old channels up to the waterfall that gave its name to Hacienda Buena Vista en Ponce. What used to be an important coffee plantation was also the scenario of a unique relationship between land, water and slavery.

Today, at the heart of the former hacienda is a carefully restored historical site containing structures more than a century old and a hydraulic turbine that’s the only one of its kind in existence. Completely refurbished and in working condition, the turbine is still powered by the water of Río Canas and serves as the main engine for other machines of the time.

Come watch them work and feel how the force of the river was transformed into movement to process food products. Enjoy the breeze under the canopy of a subtropical forest and go along with a history and nature expert to learn about the shaded polyculture of coffee, cocoa, oranges, plantains, and other fruits.

Visit us all year long or come in time for our traditional coffee or cocoa festivals. Tours to other natural areas west and south of Puerto Rico are also coordinated from Hacienda Buena Vista. Find out about upcoming events and participate!