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Para la Naturaleza launches new Puerto Rico native trees digital guide


Para la Naturaleza recently launched a new digital tool aimed at helping people select the most appropriate native tree according to their needs, space and intended uses.

The guide is available free of cost at, and features a filtered search engine that allows users to find native tree suggestions according to their needs and preferences. People may select different criteria such as tree size, space requirements, growth expectations, tolerance, and tree top shape among others, and the page will offer recommendations on the most suitable native trees.

Puerto Rico hosts more than 547 native tree species, whose existence is essential to the island’s quality of life. Due to the fact that they are more adapted to Puerto Rico’s climate, they are better suited to tolerate hurricanes, plagues and drought periods.

The page also includes basic facts about the benefits provided by trees, videos tutorials on how to plant and adequately care for a tree and information on the location of Para la Naturaleza’s tree nurseries.

“Trees are our main allies to combat global warming, as they can induce temperature reductions of up to 10 degrees. They are an important part of our scenery and help to improve our quality of life. With each native tree planted, we contribute to cleaner air, shade and safer habitats for our local wildlife. We need communities, families, corporations and individual citizens to join us to plant more native trees across all regions of Puerto Rico”, said Fernando Lloveras San Miguel, president, Para la Naturaleza.

How does it work?

–   Access

–   Select 1 to 3 criteria among: Tree size, growth speed, needed space etc…

–   The interactive guide will use the selected criteria to recommend the trees that better fit your needs.

Where can I find my Puerto Rico native tree?

Para la Naturaleza operates native tree nurseries in each of its visitor centers. Tree costs start at $4.00.

We recommend calling Para la Naturaleza to confirm the availability of tree species, nursery locations and business hours. You may call 787.722.5882, o email

Para la Naturaleza tree nursery locations:

San Juan- Vivero Río Piedras, Jardín Botánico Norte
Manatí- Hacienda La Esperanza
Ponce- Hacienda Buena Vista
Fajardo-Cabezas de San Juan
Barranquitas-Cañón San Cristóbal

Why are native trees important?

A native tree is a species that belongs to a particular region or ecosystem, whose presence is the result of natural phenomena not related to human intervention.  Puerto Rico’s native trees have adapted to physical and environmental characteristics of the Islands’ different regions, and therefore can tolerate drought periods more effectively and recover faster from hurricanes.

Thy also produce oxygen, combat pollution, provide shade which helps reduce temperatures, act as noise buffers, offer food and a safe habitat to our bird species and are a defining component of our natural scenery.

Some of our native tree species are:

  • Algarrobo (Carob)
  • Acerola
  • Ausubo
  • Caimito
  • Ceiba (Cedar)
  • Cedro
  • Guayacán (Trumpet)
  • Guanábana
  • Maga
  • Pajuil
  • Roble Nativo (Oak)
  • Palma Real (Royal Palm)
  • Tintillo
  • Úcar
  • Uva Playera