Para la Naturaleza

1. Occasional Volunteer: participates in events sporadically and randomly. This type of volunteer commits to the organization throughout time, one or more times in different years. A common case would be the volunteer who gives trees every year during the Para la Naturaleza Fair. Others participate in volunteer events programmed after making one or more reservations either online or over the phone at Para la Naturaleza 787-722-5882. The volunteer must read and sign a waiver of liability and complete the attendance list.

2. Recurring Volunteer: participates in our programs, initiatives and/or projects several times during the year. This volunteer has specific functions according to his or her interests and the organization’s needs. An example can be a college student who develops a project during a semester or an environmental leader in our summer workshops. Depending on the case and the volunteer’s responsibilities, he or she must complete the application form of Volunteer Para la Naturaleza and participate in the selection process. After being accepted, he or she must read and sign the waiver of liability form, the volunteer-work agreement form and the volunteer service description. To donate time the supervisor and the volunteer have to meet and set a schedule, orientation date and the training for the volunteer work. Orientations and trainings will be offered at central and regional level, depending on the program, project and/or initiative.

Within the recurrent volunteer classification we have Volunteer Leaders: these are key volunteers in programs and projects from the unit Para la Naturaleza. They standout for being main resources of help for the recollection of scientific information, for coordinating activities, for recruiting and training other volunteers, for tours and other events. These volunteers carry out leadership roles needed by the organization and stand out for their abilities, interest, experience and work. Because of the responsibility entailed to be a volunteer leader it is required to read and sign the following:

  • The annual commitment agreement form when volunteering for more than six months.
  • The post’s description and.
  • The waiver of liability form.

With your Time we Reach More is reward system where we thank you for the dedication independently the time and task you accomplished. The different rewards vary according the quantity of the accumulated volunteer hours.

In Para la Naturaleza Volunteer Program we THANK YOU for your efforts and contribution to the goal of protecting 33% of our islands’ ecosystems by 2033.

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