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Experience the colors and flavors of nature.

A culinary experience in support of the recovery of communities and farmers in Puerto Rico

Did you know that by choosing foods that are in season you are choosing less pollution, more nutrition, and in many cases, agricultural practices that are healthier for the soil?

Explore this agroecological approach to food in Seasons, a culinary experience where you’ll enjoy an exquisite menu created by a group of Puerto Rico’s most renowned chefs.

Participate virtually or in person in this gastronomic experience to benefit the Para la Naturaleza Solidarity Fund.

Philanthropy is in season

By reserving your space for this culinary experience, you’re contributing to our mission of protecting 33% of land in Puerto Rico by 2033. This is a great time to join our community of committed donors and corporate partners.

Virtual Event

November 11

Connect from anywhere in the United States or Puerto Rico. Invite your friends and family to enjoy, as a community, a culinary experience where the flavors of the Puerto Rican tropics are the main course.

As part of your experience, you will receive an event box with Puerto Rican products and ingredients made by the chefs, as well as a bottle of Don Q Reserva 7, courtesy of our corporate partner Destilería Serrallés. Make your reservation before Monday, October 31 to secure your space.

In-person Event

November 12

Hacienda La Esperanza, Manatí

An afternoon full of nature, workshops, and exquisite dishes prepared by six renowned chefs. Join us and let’s enjoy as a community with our most committed partners and donors in Puerto Rico. To complement this experience, special cocktails created by Destilería Serrallés mixologist Carlos Irizarry will be served.

Come and get to know Hacienda La Esperanza, one of the largest natural protected areas on the northern coast. Make your reservation before Friday, November 4 to secure your space.

Six renowned chefs make use of seasonal ingredients.

Seis chefs de renombre hacen uso de los ingredientes de la temporada

Chef Martín Louzao

Cocina Abierta

Chef Gabriel Hernández

Verde Mesa

Chef Lucía Merino

Lucía Patisserie

Chef Francis Guzmán


Chef Natalia Vallejo

Cocina al Fondo

Chef María Grubb

Underground Dining Club

Choose your culinary experience and join us for Seasons.​

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus sabdariffa


Psidium guajava

Pigeon Peas

Cajanus cajan


Cocos nucifera

For over five decades, Para la Naturaleza has worked to preserve natural areas and historic sites that currently serve communities as oases of health. Additionally, we always seek to facilitate and support as much as possible the sustainable recovery of Puerto Rico.

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