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Virtual Event

November 11
6:00 PM EST /
7:00 PM AST (PR local time)

Para la Naturaleza arrives at your doorstep

If you enjoy cooking or are in the United States, Seasons virtual event is an excellent opportunity to support nature conservation in Puerto Rico.

Connect to a live cooking session with Para la Naturaleza’s community of donors and learn how to use a seasonal ingredient in a special recipe created by two chefs of your choosing.

To complete your experience, we’ll send you an event box of Puerto Rican products and ingredients handcrafted by the chefs.

To join us, be sure to make your reservation before Monday, October 31.

How It Works:

  • Choose the recipe you wish to prepare during the event and reserve your space.
  • We will send you an event box with products made in Puerto Rico and a series of ingredients prepared by the chefs to integrate into the recipes. It’s important that you open the box as soon as you receive it since some products require refrigeration.

  • Download your recipe and make sure you buy any additional ingredients for your recipe.

  • Access the event and cook alongside your chefs.

Once you make your reservation, you will have access to an exclusive WhatsApp group where you can ask the chef any questions and chat with other guests. After the event, you will receive three videos recorded live with the chefs and their recipes. You will also receive the cocktail recipes and a video from Chef Lucía Merino.

Chef Martín Louzao

Cocina Abierta

Chef Gabriel Hernández

Verde Mesa

Chef Lucía Merino

Lucía Patisserie

Chef Francis Guzmán


Chef Natalia Vallejo

Cocina al Fondo

Chef María Grubb

Underground Dining Club

your recipe

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus sabdariffa

Grilled seared tuna with hibiscus flower duo; coconut sauce and preserves

Martín Louzao
Gabriel Hernández


Psidium guajava

Pork ribs glazed with guava and ginger; served with sweet potato gratin

Lucía Merino
Francis Guzmán

Pigeon Peas

Cajanus cajan

Pigeon peas, sausage, and green peas stew

Natalia Vallejo
María Grubb

in the
event box


Cocos nucifera

Coconut and passion fruit macaroons dipped in dark chocolate

Lucía Merino

Courtesy of Destilería Serrallés

Carlos Irizarry

Carlos Irizarry studied filmmaking at the University of Puerto Rico but found his passion for bartending in New York City in Havana Central in 2011. In 2013, Carlos started working in La Factoría under the mentorship of Leslie Cofresí and Roberto Berdecía, and he became part of the global community of hospitality, collaborating with bartenders, brands, and the bar community in general, throughout Latin America, Europe, the United States, and Asia. In 2016, Carlos started a new role as General Manager of La Factoría and to this date, oversees the project. This was pivotal in his career, being responsible for the team and operations during two major crises, Hurricane María (2017) and the latest COVID crisis. More recently, Carlos has been working on developing a new location for La Factoría in his hometown of Ponce and building stronger bridges of communication between hospitality workers around the world.

Your Event Box

What can you expect?


  • Don Q Reserva 7
  • Café San Pedro
  • Tostones de Pana from PRoduce!
  • Goat cheese from lucia
  • Ingredients for the recipes:
    • Hibiscus Flower Preserve
    • Guava Ginger BBQ
    • Ajilimojili
  • Cocktail ingredients 
  • Coconut and passion fruit macaroons dipped in dark chocolate – Chef Lucía Merino

Make your reservation before Monday, October 31 to secure your space.

For over five decades, Para la Naturaleza has worked to preserve natural areas and historic sites that currently serve communities as oases of health. Additionally, we always seek to facilitate and support as much as possible the sustainable recovery of Puerto Rico.

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