33% by 2033

We believe in the transformative power of nature, its generosity, magnificence and splendor. We believe that our progress depends on making sure we protect and conserve it.

Because of this, our common goal is making sure that 33 percent of Puerto Rico’s natural ecosystems are protected by the year 2033.

Both the contiguous United States and Costa Rica dedicate 26 percent of their land to conservation, and our Antillean neighbors in the Dominican Republic protect 24 percent, with Cuba protecting 17% and the US Virgin Islands—whose economy depends largely on tourism—protecting nearly 52% of its territory.

The total amount of land protected in Puerto Rico by both government and private entities is only 16 percent. Our long-term objectives are ambitious , and we believe they are achievable if they were to become a common goal.

What you can do

You can join the common goal of protecting 33% by the year 2033 by donating time, money or land for nature. We work all throughout Puerto Rico with other organizations dedicated to conservation and with thousands of volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to working towards our common goal.

That’s why wherever you are and whichever way possible, there is so much you can do!

Participate in our events, which include tours, workshops, volunteer and Citizen Science opportunities.

Donate now or commit to monthly giving.

Become a member of Amigos Para la Naturaleza to help our conservation efforts.

Donate land or make a conservation easement and protect it for the benefit of future generations.

Everyone can be a part of this effort!

Why we do what we do

We follow development patterns centered on our individual comfort that lead to excessive use of our natural resources.

Along the process, we have a negative impact on natural systems that provide us with fertile soil, oceans rich in food and the vegetation that regulates our microclimate, protects us from flooding and gives us nourishment. They also make up spaces and landscapes of unequal scenic value—pride of our land and source of income for our people.

Because of everything that nature does for us, and because securing these services is key to our wellbeing, we believe that protecting our natural ecosystems is everyone’s responsibility. We work for this, protecting land all across our islands.

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