It will help citizens submit their observations to the Puerto Rico Planning Board’s website
Para la Naturaleza launches an on-line guide to the 2019 Puerto Rico Zoning District Map
When the BBC asked me if I would participate in a debate panel on climate change, capitalism and democracy, I first panicked and then said yes. All I really wanted to do this week was finish up and (re)submit some research I started a long time ago. This research shows that, despite their massive growth, energy and carbon emissions cannot (statistically) explain improvements in international life expectancy. I call it the “carbon-development paradox.” But the 1.5degree IPCC report dropped, and life, research and plans all had to make way for a new, more urgent reality.
Climate breakdown, capitalism and democracy
In the redwood forests of northern California
The Three Most Important Graphs in Climate Change
The new National Climate Assessment is a dire warning that the devastating impacts of climate change are here — and going to get worse.
The Most Definitive Report on Climate Change in America
My “pay it forward” story of change about climate change
Why We Need More Role Models To Spark Sustainable Behaviors
The biggest barrier to tackling climate change isn't technical—it's our willingnes to act. As we approach this month’s UN Summit and Climate Week in New York City, Lynn Scarlett explains why she’s still a (cautious) optimist about climate change.
An Optimist’s Guide to Climate Change
Carrie Golden believes the only reason she's diabetes free is because she has access to fresh, locally grown food.
This Boston Hospital Is Feeding Patients Through Its Rooftop Farm
A makeshift refugee camp about five or six months after the collapse of the Casitas Volcano (in background) in the wake of Hurricane Mitch. This photo was taken near Posoltega, Nicaragua, early April, 1999.
How Climate Change Is Driving Emigration From Central America
This map highlights by geographic region the leading underlying driver of food loss and waste. WRI analysis based on FAO (2011) and HLPE (2014)
A 10-Step Plan for the World to Cut Food Loss and Waste in Half By 2030
Ecotono combines interviews with audio chronicles and is broadcast on the University of Puerto Rico’s radio station, 89.7 FM.
Para la Naturaleza debuts new radio program in Radio Universidad