Our health depends on nature

The connection between nature and our well-being is now, more than ever, undeniable. Our unhealthy relationship with nature has left us susceptible to the severe effects of a pandemic and climate change. In recent years we have recognized our vulnerability as human beings.

The recent public health crisis in Puerto Rico is directly related to the deterioration of habitats, the illegal traffic of wild fauna, the extinction of species, succinctly, to the loss of biodiversity on the planet. These are all actions of which we have been part.

Nature has a solution for each of these relevant issues. Our relationship with the natural world must begin by valuing all species, including those we thought were unimportant.

At Para la Naturaleza, we believe that human health starts with ecosystem’s health. Our waters, air, food, weather, recreation, and emotions are highly dependent on functional ecosystems. Changing our relationship with nature is key to recovering and preparing for the future environmental phenomenons that we still have to face, this time with greater resilience.

Our mission, until now, has focused on protecting nature from human interference. Now, we are also committed to protecting ourselves from the onslaught of our actions. For this, we began in 2018, with the generosity of people inside and outside of Puerto Rico, to enable 33 community centers with renewable energy and water purification systems; to grow more than 230,000 native trees and plant over 95,000 trees; as well as contributing so that 130 agroecological farmers could continue producing healthy food in our soils.

The need to do even more continues to grow. That is why today we establish the Para la Naturaleza Solidarity Fund. This fund seeks to continue our reforestation program in rivers, coasts, and urban areas of native and endemic trees. It also promotes the strengthening of communities and the agroecological industry. We will support urban centers with high historical value recovery and expand our trails system for hiking and biking.

All of these practices are vital to preserving everyone’s health and well-being.

Solidarity is the ability to come together to face common causes under challenging times, as the best remedy we have to take care of ourselves, strengthen ourselves, and improve ourselves. The Para la Naturaleza Solidarity Fund fosters actions to empower individuals and communities, to rebuild relationships and collaborations, and to develop sustainable practices throughout the islands of Puerto Rico.

Join us in this mission so fundamental to human security. Take action with us and offer your solidarity to a common cause, but this time with nature as an ally.

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