Fondo Solidario Para La Naturaleza

Nature has
the answer.

Contribute to the Para la Naturaleza Solidarity Fund.

The Para la Naturaleza Solidarity Fund was created in August 2020 in response to the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Thanks to the support of our donor network and collaboration with partner organizations, we were able to launch five large-scale projects that continue to be developed by our expert team and with the help of hundreds of volunteers.  
While the challenges continue to grow, the health of ecosystems and the wellbeing of our communities remain at the center of our vision of conservation. We recognize that, for all environmental challenges, nature has the answers.

Growing allies

Trees are our first line of defense against the effects of the climate crisis we have already been facing in Puerto Rico, such as hurricanes of historic magnitude, flash floods, and coastal erosion.

Strategic reforestation of native, endemic, and rare species is one of the main components of our work in restoring the natural areas we protect.  In this way, we contribute to carbon sequestration on the planet while helping to mitigate the environmental risks that affect us.

Help us continue reforesting Puerto Rico by planting 100,000 native, endemic and rare trees annually.

Reforestación Puerto Rico
Nurturing a movement

More than a scientific discipline, agroecology is a social movement that can restore soil health and mitigate the food crisis in Puerto Rico, where over 80% of the produce we consume is imported.

Through workshops, technical support, and grants for organic farmers and chemical farmers interested in adopting a regenerative model of agriculture, we support this movement that protects the natural resource base on which agriculture depends in the long term.

Help us support 75 farmers with technical assistance.

Sharing resilience

Community-based conservation responds to the international need to create sustainable communities. Since 2017, we have formed ties with the communities surrounding the natural areas we protect.

Since then, we have equipped community centers to make them resilient to environmental events and address needs specific to each community. Now Para la Naturaleza is developing a new way of reaching out to communities to make them part of managing the ecosystems we share. 

Help us continue collaborating with the 33 resilient centers and eight communities by providing training and capacity-building opportunities to promote community empowerment. 

History and Culture
Preserving the memory 

Para la Naturaleza stewards a wide, diverse, and rich variety of resources that represent Puerto Rican history, culture, and identity and recognizes the connectivity between history, ecology, the land and its people. 

Help us create a detailed inventory of the cultural resources in the 66 protected areas and establish a database to catalog the 5,000 cultural collection objects in PLN’s custody. 

Historia Y Cultura
Outdoor Trails
Interconnecting spaces

We have already created 16 miles of self-guided trails in 6 protected areas where visitors to our natural protected areas can breathe in peace and safety.

This project is a response to the need to connect with nature that we all have. Natural spaces, besides purifying the air and the land, also purify our physical and mental wellbeing.

Help us grow the existing network of trails with the development of new self-guided trails in 4 protected areas.

Biodiversity and Conservation
Protecting the balance 

With 25 ecosystem types and surpassing the United States in number of endemic bird species, the Puerto Rican archipelago is a biodiversity hotspot.

To protect the balance and health of this biologically rich but threatened area, we focus on conserving and protecting its biodiversity and ecosystem services through area-based conservation and management practices that ensure compliance with both local and international standards and promote information-gathering initiatives for adaptation and mitigation of the effects of climate change.

Help us to continue collecting information for adaptation and mitigation of climate change effects in 55% of the surface area of Puerto Rico.   

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Solidarity Fund.

Para la Naturaleza has worked to preserve natural areas and historical sites that today serve communities as health oases for more than five decades. In addition, we always seek to facilitate and support the sustainable recovery of Puerto Rico as much as possible. 
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