Working together towards sustainable solutions

For five decades, Para la Naturaleza’s work has been grounded in education, learning and community engagement. From our interpretative nature tours to our Summer Nature Immersion Workshops for 9-12 year old explorers, we are guided by the interdependent relationship between humans and nature, and the communities that will steward the future of our planet.

While serving as an educational vehicle for environmental sustainability and historic preservation, our relationship with communities quickly evolved in response to hurricanes Irma and María. Our workforce mobilized to show our solidarity towards our fellow citizens and worked tirelessly to help debris removal within our neighboring communities, distributing food, water and basic supplies through our visitor centers, and providing educational support to children who were trying to make sense of an appalling mess. It was a time to take care of each other. Thanks to financial support from our generous donors, Para la Naturaleza began converting neighboring community centers into centers of resilience. We currently have 33 centers in 23 municipalities across the islands equipped with solar energy and water collection systems. They also carry out educational initiatives to empower residents in the event of possible emergencies.

We also launched the AComPAÑA program which supports strengthening the leadership within communities to increase participation of residents in the process of problem solving for the challenges of today and tomorrow. At its core, community conservation begins by listening to many different voices in the community — then responding.   

We invite you to be part of a powerful community of environmental stewards with a donation to Para la Naturaleza / by supporting this project.  

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