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Puerto Rico is full of ecological diversity and breathtaking landscapes. It is part of the largest biodiversity area in the Caribbean islands, which is one of the main endemic biodiversity centers in the world due to the geography and climate of the region. It is also home to the only tropical rainforest in the U.S.

The Puerto Rican archipelago is one of the 35 biodiversity “hotspots” in the world with vast biological richness, but which are under constant threat. According to the United Nations, 75% of the earth’s land surface has been significantly altered by human actions, including the loss of 85% of the area of wetlands; 66% of the ocean area is experiencing multiple impacts from people, including from fisheries, pollution, and chemical changes from acidification. And we have all felt and seen the effects of continued increased temperature changes.

All people depend on a healthy planet and Para la Naturaleza is an active agent of restoring and preserving significant habitats and ecosystems across land, air, oceans and rivers. With the support of funders, we are contributing to saving endangered species that are critical to the health and biodiversity of our ecosystems like the Puerto Rican crested toad and the Puerto Rican Parrot. Specifically, the Puerto Rican Parrot Recovery Program works towards the recovery of one of our most symbolic species. The information collected in these expeditions informs land management actions and establishes conservation priorities. Species like the above mentioned are indicators of ecosystem health that promote awareness and vital research opportunities. They are also testament to the importance of preserving these lands and the relevance of Para la Naturaleza’s work protecting Puerto Rico’s ecological well-being.

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