San Juan Aqueduct Restoration

A new attraction, inspired by water and its ecosystems

The San Juan Waterworks, an urban watershed fully contained within the metropolitan area of San Juan, is a 19th century facility adjacent to the last natural meander of the Rio Piedras that highlights the historic engineering and public health contributions that occurred during this period.

Once fully restored, the structure, that includes multiple buildings, will become a unique, world-renowned urban historical, environmental, and educational campus highlighting the relationship between history and water. It will simultaneously accommodate various activities revolving around tourism, scientific research, education, community development, citizen engagement, leisure and recreation.

The Project will provide an open space where people can connect with and engage in nature-based activities. It represents the communion of nature, industrial machinery, art, water, and people, becoming a signature destination for locals and tourists alike. This urban campus will create a new path of sustainability that marries the preservation of a historical treasure with the significant improvement of the surrounding ecosystems. This project will follow the Trust’s three-pronged approach: preserving historical treasures, protecting ecosystems, and promoting sustainable development.

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