Casa Abierta Antiguo Acueducto del río Piedras

September 14, 2019


Join Puerto Rico’s largest land conservation trust, Para La Naturaleza, for an open house of El Antiguo Acueducto del río Piedras.In 2014, this aqueduct than runs through a two-kilometer segment of the Piedras River was designated a National Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Include this open house in your itinerary and learn about the natural treasures protected by Para La Naturaleza, their reforestation efforts, and other organizations working to protect Puerto Rico’s environment. The open house will have an agricultural market, food stands, educational exhibits, and guided tours of the reserve. Attendees will also be able to participate in watercolor painting workshops from The Museo de Arte y Diseño de Miramar (MADMI) and bomba dancing classes by Taller Tambuyé.


Dear friends

Para la Naturaleza
is active in responding
to the country's emergency,

the passing of Hurricane Fiona through the Puerto Rico archipelago. We have focused our main efforts on supporting affected communities and supporting agroecological practices.

You can also contribute to the recovery of the agroecological communities and farmers of Puerto Rico! For more information, visit:

In these difficult times, we want everyone to be well, safe and secure.

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