Cerro Las Mesas


The Cerro Las Mesas Natural Protected Area (CLMNPA) is located in the municipality of Mayagüez, on the west coast of Puerto Rico, within the subtropical moist forest life zone at the edge of the western mountainous region of the island, at an elevation ranging from 590 feet (179.83 m) to 935 feet (284.99 m).

The area is characterized by a relatively steep topography and is mostly covered by a moist serpentine forest where an unnamed creek flows through small waterfalls and into the Quebrada Grande stream. The soils at Cerro Las Mesas have been responsible for the development of an interesting plant association for this particular kind of life zone, providing a safe habitat for some 152 animal and plant species of which 24 are endemic and 6 are of special concern to the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER).

On October 15, 1998, The Conservation Fund, a non-profit conservation institution based in Washington D.C., offered to donate ten lots of about 0.5 acres each to the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, which could be used for any purpose, conservation or otherwise, that the organization deemed fit or useful. The donation was accepted by the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico on September 29, 1999.

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