Map of Life

Collecting environmental data around Puerto Rico

Through this program we integrate the volunteer work of citizens in collecting environmental data around Puerto Rico. Its main goal is to obtain information that can help us in designing specific management plans for natural protected areas and in creating conservation strategies at regional scale. During Map of Life events, groups of volunteers tag along with our specialists in field outings to gather ecological data about vegetation, birds, reptiles, beach profiles and water quality. All collected data is painstakingly put together and plays a crucial role in determining the ecological value of different areas of Puerto Rico. This information goes into Map 33, a work in progress that visualizes how Puerto Rico could be like with 33 percent of its lands being dedicated to conservation. The program is structured through all four management areas of our organization.

Dear friends

Para la Naturaleza
is active in responding
to the country's emergency,

the passing of Hurricane Fiona through the Puerto Rico archipelago. We have focused our main efforts on supporting affected communities and supporting agroecological practices.

You can also contribute to the recovery of the agroecological communities and farmers of Puerto Rico! For more information, visit:

In these difficult times, we want everyone to be well, safe and secure.

In solidarity,

Para la Naturaleza

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