Natural Protected Areas

Para la Naturaleza

In its mission to protect functional ecosystems in the islands of Puerto Rico and to secure the essential services they provide, the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico has focused its land acquisition and ecosystem management strategies on a regional approach, based on Puerto Rico’s main watersheds. As such, 5 distinct Regions have been established and labeled according to their cardinal direction: Northern, San Juan-Central, Southern, Eastern and Western Region. The Conservation Trust’s natural protected areas are managed and supervised according to this regional network. As part of this approach, each Region has a designated natural protected area as its operational headquarters:

  • San Juan-Central Region: Casa Ramón Power & Giralt
  • Northern Region: Hacienda La Esperanza Nature Reserve 

  • Eastern Region: Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve

  • Southern Region: Hacienda Buena Vista Natural Protected Area

  • Western Region: Hacienda Buena Vista Natural Protected Area

The Conservation Trust’s regional network supports future management and public policy goals to reduce ecosystem fragmentation and to assure the long-term maintenance of natural ecological processes and biodiversity at the regional scale.