Post-Hurricane Reforestation Gets Under Way in Puerto Rico


SAN JUAN – The Puerto Rican chapter of Rotary International and the environmental organization Para la Naturaleza announced on Thursday that they will plant 4,000 trees as part of reforestation efforts on the island in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Jose Lucas Rodriguez, governor of Rotary District 7000, said that the agreement will foster programs aimed at promoting ecological agriculture, conservation of natural resources and human development.

“The alliance with this important organization contemplates, within the space of a year, the planting of thousands of trees in various natural and urban areas and schools throughout Puerto Rico by members of the Rotary Clubs of Puerto Rico. This is relevant if we consider that 80 percent of the trees that survived Hurricane Maria suffered some kind of damage that will affect their future growth,” he said.

The three-year accord includes provision for maintenance of the newly planted trees, Rodriguez said, adding that the partners will seek to enlist other organizations in financing the initiative.

“We are confident that this type of association between non-profit entities will be for the benefit of the environment and the quality of life of Puerto Ricans,” he said.

Fernando Lloveras San Miguel, president of Para la Naturaleza, said that reforestation is an important element of the island’s recovery from Maria.

“We as an organization have set the goal of planting a million trees in the next five years. Thank you to the members of the Rotary Club for supporting this initiative, which will have a great ecological and social impact,” he said.


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