Resilient Power and Para la Naturaleza form resiliency partnership

Nonprofit organizations Resilient Power Puerto Rico and Para la Naturaleza have joined forces to help expedite recovery efforts in communities still struggling with the long-term impacts of hurricanes Irma and María in Puerto Rico. The two organizations will collaborate to equip an initial 30 community centers with solar microgrids and rain catchment and filtration systems”

The community centers are located in Para la Naturaleza partner communities throughout Puerto Rico and these donations will impact thousands of people served by the recipient organizations. Five of the 30 sites are sponsored by the PRxPR Fund who has donated $125,000 to the effort.

“These communities will be transformed into resilient centers with their own energy and potable water resources that will allow them to respond faster to their basic needs in case of future emergencies,” said Fernando Lloveras San Miguel, President of Para la Naturaleza.

RPPR has launched an ambitious initiative to install 5kW to 10kW solar microgrids in high-impact sites across the islands. RPPR has been working with local electrical engineers and solar system installers to include power storage capacity along with newly installed solar panels. Such systems accumulate enough charge to power lights, fans, pumps, refrigeration, and effectively allow community centers to operate off-grid. This is in line with RPPR’s long term goals of building communities with energy resiliency.

“We have an opportunity to make a significant humanitarian impact while also shifting the paradigm on how energy is delivered and consumed on the island,” says Jonathan Marvel, who was recently appointed to the Resilient Puerto Rico Advisory Commission, and whose architectural firm serves as the hub of RPPR’s operations. “PLN has been working with underserved communities in Puerto Rico for many years, they know the island and can help us achieve long-term success.”

While communities are responsible for the care and maintenance of the technology, PLN has also been able to provide appropriate training to community leaders, so they can perform maintenance and help with installation in the case of future storms.

About Para la Naturaleza

Para la Naturaleza is a nonprofit organization that integrates society into the conservation of its natural ecosystems. Its goal is to ensure that the percentage of protected lands in Puerto Rico is 33% by the year 2033. Para la Naturaleza provides transformative experiences in nature that inspire and motivate each person and community to take concrete actions for its protection, like donating time, money or land. Besides organizing volunteer and educational events, along with fundraising campaigns, Para la Naturaleza also manages60 protected areas and welcomes the public in six visitor centers throughout Puerto Rico. For more information of Para la Naturaleza efforts and activities please visit and follow us in all social media platforms.

About Resilient Power Puerto Rico

Founded in the wake of hurricane Maria, Resilient Power Puerto Rico is led by Jonathan Marvel (principal of New York and San Juan-based Marvel Architects) and Puerto Rico-born New York attorney Cristina Roig. Resilient Power Puerto Rico’s long-term mission is to address the vulnerabilities of the island’s existing, fossil-fueled electrical infrastructure by supporting initiatives that promote renewable, clean energy. RPPR is a nonprofit organization acting under the fiscal sponsorship of the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust, a 501(c)(3) corporation. Contact us on Facebook at and Instagram at @resilientpowerPR.

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