Resilient Power Puerto Rico, Para la Naturaleza form resiliency partnership

CSJ: Proyecto placas solares

Nonprofit organizations Resilient Power Puerto Rico and Para la Naturaleza have joined forces to help expedite recovery efforts in communities still struggling with the long-term impacts of hurricanes Irma and María in Puerto Rico.

The two organizations will collaborate to equip an initial 30 community centers with solar microgrids and rain catchment and filtration systems, they confirmed.

The community centers are located in Para la Naturaleza partner communities throughout Puerto Rico and these donations will benefit thousands of people served by the recipient organizations.

Five of the 30 sites are sponsored by the PRxPR Fund who has donated $125,000 to the effort.

“These communities will be transformed into resilient centers with their own energy and potable water resources that will allow them to respond faster to their basic needs in case of future emergencies,” said Fernando Lloveras-San Miguel, president of Para la Naturaleza.

Resilient Power Puerto Rico has launched an ambitious initiative to install 5kW to 10kW solar microgrids in high-impact sites across the islands. The nonprofit has been working with local electrical engineers and solar system installers to include power storage capacity along with newly installed solar panels.

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