Casa Ramón Power y Giralt

Casa Ramón Power Y Giralt

Number 155 Tetuan Street in Old San Juan was the birthplace of Ramón Power y Giralt, the first Puerto Rican delegate to the Courts of Cádiz in Spain. The house was acquired in the late 18th Century by the Power y Giralt family, remaining under their property for many generations until the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico decided to buy the property in 1989, after having undergone many changes in its use for both residential and commercial purposes.

With the purpose of establishing its institutional headquarters in the premises, the Trust carried out a rigorous restoration project that won several international awards, including the American Express Preservation Award in 1996.

Casa Ramón Power y Giralt currently features a visitor center with a multimedia exhibit that also serves as an environmental interpretation center. Several interpretive walks focusing on ecological aspects of colonial Old San Juan also start off from the facilities. Reservations to for these are readily available to the public and can be arranged for within the premises.


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Tuesday – Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm
155 calle Tetuán, Viejo San Juan, PR


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