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The interruptions of electricity, water, food and communications services following the passage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017 caused much suffering in Puerto Rico. In the worst cases, the lack of basic services played a role in the onset of infectious diseases and numerous untimely deaths. Given the relationship cultivated with our allied communities, the Para la Naturaleza Community Fund set a goal of retrofitting 33 communities centers with photovoltaic systems and tanks for capturing, storing and filtering rainwater.

These systems will guarantee that each of these spaces are able to function as an energy oasis and provide a renewable source of clean water for nearby residents and others who might reach out for help in an emergency, such as the recent earthquakes in the south. Community leaders receive guidance on how to maintain the equipment to ensure optimal operation. In many instances, these facilities are the first experience with sustainable technologies for the communities they serve.

We will continue to support these communities to improve their emergency response capacity, sustainable development and nature conservation strategies, among other basic projects.

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Resilient communities centers

Below is a list of centers managed by organizations dedicated to community service and that have the resources to support and organize activities throughout the year. 

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