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Dear friend,

Once again, we
choose hope.

Five years after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is facing the devastation of its communities and natural areas again.

The rains brought by Hurricane Fiona have caused rivers to overflow, destroying homes and, in some cases, entire communities. 

Currently, more than one million people in Puerto Rico are without electricity, and hundreds of thousands of citizens are without access to water.

Faced with a painfully familiar setting, Para la Naturaleza is taking action. Our priority is to ensure that our team members are safe. Concurrently, we are in contact with our community partners and the farmers we support across Puerto Rico.

At this time, we are again asking for your help.

Thanks to your past support, we strengthened 33 resilient centers across the islands of Puerto Rico with solar energy and rainwater catchment systems and provided grants and equipment to over 120 organic farmers. 

Now, with your donations, as part of its immediate response, Para la Naturaleza will:

  • Support our communities by providing food supplies to resilient centers that have kitchens.
  • Recruit specialized work brigades to clean up the farms.
  • Offer grants to hurricane-affected farmers to help them recover their crops and make improvements in their farm’s infrastructure.

In the medium term, Para la Naturaleza aims to build four community kitchens in the resilient centers that do not have kitchens and to build a new resilient center for the community of La Esperanza, which was left without access to communication due to Hurricane Fiona.

We trust that with your support we can once again make a significant contribution to Puerto Rico’s recovery.

We are deeply grateful for your trust in our work and continued support.

In solidarity,

The Para la Naturaleza community

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