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Enjoy the Nature Sound Bites experience!

We invite you to combine sounds and flavors so that while you prepare the recipes created by our chefs, you create the perfect environment to connect with nature from your home with your friends and family.


Six renowned local chefs have created three recipes inspired by the ecosystems of Puerto Rico. The result is a menu that uses the diversity of ingredients from each ecosystem, creating a journey of flavors through Para la Naturaleza’s natural protected areas.


Lamb ribs with fresh pigeon peas salad, celery, papaya, passion fruit leaves, chironja juice and roasted chard. 

Chefs Gabriel Hernández and Kevin García 


Lobster  asopao  with plantain balls.  

Chefs María Grubb and Natalia Vallejo 


Pumpkin curry with turmeric, coconut milk, and cauliflower. Served with spicy cilantro sauce and tamarind chutney. 

Chefs Lucía Merino and Francis Guzmán 


Three musical pieces created with sounds from our protected natural areas for you to listen to while you cook and enjoy with your family and friends. 

Each song is composed by Fabian Wilkins in collaboration of students and teachers from the Escuela Libre de Música de San Juan: María Santiago Colón (viola), Harry Almodóvar Velázquez (cello), Karlo Flores (violin) and Lumen Ar Vélez Vélez (double bass).


Get to know the Marín Alto protected natural reserve located in Patillas. This space protects 24 species of birds, seven amphibians, five reptiles, nine invertebrates and 141 species of plants have been identified. Among these, 24 are endemic species. 

Listen and discover the song of endemic birds such as the bienteveo, the comeñame and the san pedrito. You can also hear crickets, the coqui and even the múcaro.  


Get to know the protected natural reserve Montadero in Quebradillas. This coastal ecosystem protects some unique plant populations such as  Bonellia Pauciflora  and others in danger of extinction such as  Daphnopsis helleriana. 

Listen and discover birds such as the woodpecker, the julián chiví, bobito and the butterfly warbler. 


Visit the Río Encantado natural protected area in Ciales, home to the longest underground river in Puerto Rico and one of the largest in the world. In Río Encantado you will find one of the most biodiverse areas in the Caribbean with 14 caves and caverns and about 550 species of flora and fauna. 

Listen and discover the white-lipped frog, orthoptera (crickets and hopes), múcaros, and the mahogany coqui.  


In this directory, you will find a list of organic farmers and producers with delivery services. Support them and buy fresh products for your recipes.  

*All recipes include a vegetarian or vegan alternative.
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