Solidarity in action at the Modesto Gotay Foundation

Gregory Vazquez Contreras has been a volunteer for Para la Naturaleza for 5 years, and neighbor of the Las Cuevas de Trujillo Alto community where Modesto Gotay Foundation is located.

The Foundation shelters about 50 adults with intellectual disabilities and severe mental retardation. The recreation space for the residents of the Foundation was severely affected by the passage of hurricanes Irma and María.

The amount of debris, vegetative material and fallen trees prevented patients from using the space for more than 90 days. Two weeks after the impact of Hurricane Maria, Geregory was given the task of cleaning the area with community volunteers.

These were joined by more than 20 employees of Para la Naturaleza who have visited the Foundation twice to crush vegetative material and clean the area.

“As soon as I spoke with members of Para la Naturaleza and asked for help, they immediately said yes. They came with crushing equipment and trucks to take the debris, we are extremely grateful,” said Gregory Vazquez.

“Para la Naturaleza have not only cleaned and helped with the vegetative material, but they have also taken out their time to share with some patients, keep them company and bring joy,” said Nilka Sánchez, official of the Modesto Gotay Foundation.

Belén Rosado, coordinator of interpreters for Para la Naturaleza, commented that “Modesto Gotay Foundation suffered great damage after the impact of hurricanes Irma and María, they have many adults who use this green space as one of leisure and relaxation. This is their home and we are giving our time to be able to support them and give them back their yard”.

Para la Naturaleza will continue to provide voluntary assistance to communities surrounding its areas and nature reserves as part of their Community Fund.

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