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We believe in the transformative power of nature and want you to experience it firsthand. Visit with your family and friends and connect with nature as a volunteer.  The hours you give will contribute to the planting of 750,000 native and endemic trees, educate on the importance of maintaining the health of ecosystems and help grow the resources needed to ensure that 33% of lands in Puerto Rico are protected by 2033. Choose an activity and time that most interests you and get back to nature.

The vision

Hundreds of people like you are the champions of the conservation history that we’re writing together. The ecosystems we work in, the species we help thrive and the allied communities and schools will all feel your effort. We thank you.



Updated February 2024

Do your

Become part of our volunteer network for the ecological and community recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

Ready to donate time for nature? There are lots of ways to join in!

There’s always a way to help out at our natural protected areas. Choose your favorite one.


Erick Vázquez
Erick Vázquez
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"Mi agradecimiento a ustedes por la labor que están realizando para el País y para la Naturaleza. La pasé muy bien, desde ese día admito que veo la siembra de los árboles de manera distinta. De hecho, quiero compartir con ustedes algo que me llamó la atención en los pasados días: En el expreso 52 que están construyendo nuevos carriles, eliminaron TODOS los árboles del centro para poder abrir paso a la construcción. Eran unos árboles bastante grandes. Esto nos motiva a continuar aportando para reforestar a Puerto Rico. Un abrazo."
Sylvia Maisonet Díaz
Sylvia Maisonet Díaz
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“Gracias a ustedes por permitirnos ser parte de tan importante y emocionante momento! La experiencia es una enriquecedora, no importa la edad que tengamos. A mis 66 , me llena el espíritu el tener ese contacto con la Naturaleza y más aun , saber que he aportado algo a nuestro entorno, para nuestro futuro. Adelante y mucho éxito! Un abrazo”


Field Maintenance
ANP Cerro La Tuna
Guayanilla, Puerto Rico
International Coasts Cleanup
River mouth of the
Río Grande de Manatí
Hacienda La Esperanza
Manatí, Puerto Rico
Archaeology: Lab
Medio Mundo y Daguao
Ceiba, Puerto Rico

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

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Groups of volunteers, communities, non-profits and businesses are all doing their part to improve the futures of our islands. To them we say: Thank you!

Learn how you can become part of our group of volunteers.

A volunteer that donates their time at our different non-related events for several hours or a full day. An example are the volunteers that help us at our yearly fair.

Repeat volunteers participate in various events or activities throughout the year. To become a repeat volunteer please complete the form Voluntarios Para la Naturaleza and send it to us.

Repeat volunteers have the opportunity  to become Volunteer Leaders for programs and projects.  They have more responsibility than other volunteers types and help supervise activities. Volunteer Leaders require trainings, signing a service agreement and a Responsibility Release.

Citizen scientists learn and eventually implement scientific methodology in diverse ecosystems. These volunteers become part of programs, projects and science initiatives like: Champion Trees, Map of Life, the Sapo Concho recovery project, Iguana Control, among others.

Citizen botanists play a key part of acheiving the goal to germinate, plant and maintain 750,000 native trees by 2024. These volunteers are part of an ecological recovery program and work in tree nurseries located in and outside of the natural protected areas.




Astrid Maldonado

Astrid Maldonado

Volunteer Coordinator and Community Rel.
Alexandra Berríos

Alexandra Berríos

Volunteer Specialist and Community Rel.
Edwin Figueroa

Edwin Figueroa

Metro Region
Karen Bunce

Karen Bunce

North Region
Mariana Rivera Figueroa

Mariana Rivera

South Region
Sandra Faria

Sandra Faría

North Region

Donate Time

Ready to donate time for nature? There are many ways to join in on the effort!

From beach cleanups, to native tree planting, ecological gardening or environmental monitoring—there’s always something you can help out with in our natural areas.

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