Viatris steps closer to a smaller footprint

Viatris is a global pharmaceutical company, formed in 2020 by the merger of Upjohn, a Division of Pfizer and Mylan, with operations in Puerto Rico. They believe that strategic partnerships are critical in helping reduce barriers to health and have the potential to leave a lasting, positive impact on patients, families and communities worldwide. With their commitment to minimizing their environmental footprint in Puerto Rico, Para la Naturaleza and Viatris found their partnership to be mutually beneficially.

This past summer, Para la Naturaleza hosted a group of Viatris Barceloneta employees to plant 500 native trees in Finca Florida and another group of employee volunteers participated in a beach cleanup at la Esperanza as part of the Coastal Cleanup International Day on September 19. The teams have enjoyed working together to “get their hands dirty,” figuratively and literally, to advance the environmental goals of their respective organizations.

Viatris employees continue to implement the company’s pledge to support the UN Global Compact and the global sustainable development agenda for 2030, as articulated by the United Nations in the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015. Furthering their support of SDG Goal #3, Health & Well-Being, and the partnership with Para la Naturaleza, Viatris recently provided with a grant towards the organization’s Reforestation Program and Map of Life initiative.