Oriental: Nurturing resiliency in Puerto Rico’s communities

With environmental conservation as part of its operational model, Oriental has teamed up with Para la Naturaleza to support projects that promote sustainability in the communities, helping to educate about the development of agroecological community gardens.

Founded in 1964, this company has become one of the leading financial services banking companies in Puerto Rico and has a corporate social responsibility program that includes three pillars: education, entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

For this reason, with the help of Oriental, Para la Naturaleza is expanding community gardens in the Marueño community, located in the Jaguas section of Ponce. This community began developing its garden in 2011 with the help of the Hacienda Buena Vista team. However, after Hurricanes Irma and Maria and the lack of volunteers due to the pandemic, this community is in need of expanding their gardens to increase production and recover the lost crops in the community garden.

Thanks to the support of Oriental, an expert farmer, under the direction of Para la Naturaleza, will redesign Marueño’s garden to maximize its capacity and space. In addition, educational workshops will be coordinated so that the community can efficiently manage its garden. With great enthusiasm, the community joins in the recovery of their garden and the development of new crops.

On the other hand, on the Hacienda la Esperanza Nature Reserve grounds, Oriental will facilitate the development of a Model Garden that will serve as an example and ‘classroom’ for visitors, volunteers, and the communities mentioned above.  This garden will include diverse agricultural practices, all under the agroecological framework that integrates environmentally friendly practices.  

We thank Oriental for its unconditional support to the communities of Puerto Rico.