Programs and projects


Para la Naturaleza Community Fund The interruptions of electricity, water, food and communications services following the passage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017

Solidarity Fund

Solidarity Fund Nature has the answer. Contribute to the Para la Naturaleza Solidarity Fund. Donate Now The Para la Naturaleza Solidarity Fund was created in

Habitat Restoration

With these projects we intend to help restore ecosystems to their natural condition after being negatively impacted by human activity. Efforts may encompass one or

Puerto Rico Shines Naturally

Originally called Puerto Rico Brilla Naturalmente, we created this public outreach initiative to raise awareness about light pollution, a serious problem we need to tackle,

Map of Life

Through this program we integrate the volunteer work of citizens in collecting environmental data around Puerto Rico. Its main goal is to obtain information that

Citizen Science

Currently one of the event types we offer, Citizen Science groups all available opportunities where people with no formal education in science can take part

Bird census

Organized in close collaboration with Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s eBird global tool, these events take groups of volunteers into natural protected areas where they create

Champion Trees

They are the biggest trees of their species in all of Puerto Rico. Some are also among the oldest living organisms and could have been

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